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Sep 30

Increasing Google+ Engagement

Google+ as a social network in travel seems to be overlooked by many tourism organisations. Although, Google+ has millions of users and is certainly a network to consider for any organisation worldwide, many still struggle with regards to triggering engagement that can be compared to other social networks’ engagement with travel brands and organisations. Therefore it is necessary to have a closer look at efficient ways of maximising consumer engagement on the social networking site. Stimulating activity rather than solely posting content on the social network is essential. Below we collected some tips that should be considered when trying to increase Google+ engagement (Socialmediaexaminer 2013).


Making content more attractive can really make a difference. Consumers are very much driven by attractive content, so marketers need to provide content that will make consumers talk about it and willing to engage. Rather than posting boring content, it is essential to ensure that texts are formatted nicely and posts look differently to freshen up what consumers see by making the content stand out. Another factor that is crucial are great, stunning images. Images are very important and can literally draw consumers eye to a specific post by the tourism organisation. It is proven that images impact directly on the click through rate of individual posts. Therefore take advantage of pictures and opportunities arising from vibrant pictures. Moving away from using standard thumbnail images and inserting images can make a huge difference. Stunning high-resolution images can also make a difference when uploading them, as the huge images can dominate the feed.


Getting personal is nothing new to tourism marketers and the same concept also applies to Google+ and other social networks. Marketers need to consider that taping into consumers’ passions and interests can be very successful. Asking consumers on the social network to participate and raise their opinion is a good way of activating consumers to take part in a question or topic. Travel is closely linked to emotions and consumers on the social network are willing to share and engage with an organisation if the right questions are asked. By asking questions and getting people to engage with the content, marketers can find out about what really resonates with the community.


Empowering an audience is also another great way to engage followers as their images can be used and utilised within posts to make consumers able to shape the organisations content. Asking questions to the audience is also another great way to get followers engage in the conversation around the brand and organisation. Ensuring that all posts count is crucial, as with the huge amount of posts coming in every day, it is important for all posts not to get lost but be meaningful for the audience and making them engage, share and actively participate in the conversation.