13% of global Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, this is a figure that seems fairly low; however, with regards to the growth predicted in the future, mobile is certainly a big traffic driver of the future (KPCB 2012). The communications sector continues to grow and so are expenditures in the sector for telecoms, TV, post and radio. Global advertising spend is also growing regarding Internet advertising with a total...

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Smart TVs are supposed to be the next big thing that might replace televisions in the future. For years, the death of TV has been predicted although consumers are still watching a lot of television programmes on a daily basis. With social media being an essential part of consumers, TV programmes now also encourage their viewers to engage on Facebook or Tweet alongside the programme to get a better overall experience. The... Read more »


Broadband Access

In 2012, the Broadband Commission conducted some research on the state of broadband aiming to achieve digital inclusion for all. Monitoring the state of broadband is very important for marketers as this impacts on the way in which digital is growing and will grow in the future and how businesses need to respond in order to stay competitive. With growing investments into ICTs, it is absolutely crucial for consumers that... Read more »


E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is for many industries still a major part of marketing a certain product or service. Big databases often contain thousands of e-mail addresses of potential consumers that will receive newsletters, promotional emails or general news or notifications via email. Traditionally, these email campaigns are quite promotional in nature and focus on existing customers that might be interested in travelling and... Read more »

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Digital in-destination services - A new market for online travel

The mobile reach of the big OTAs opens up a new opportunity for them to expand their portfolio of sellable services. Due to the fact that travellers can be reached easily via OTAs’ own apps, the range of offers could be expanded towards providing services also during the travel stage. A potential scenario could include an OTA app that would allow visitors to check-in upon arrival (thereby bypassing the typical ‘front... Read more »

Future of travel

Digital Outlook: Travel Experiences in 2024

The travel meta search site released a report yesterday, which gives a peek into the future of travel. The report combines the site's online booking data with analysis from 56 experts to identify the three biggest trends that will shape a typical tourist's experience in 2024. It looks at how travel planning, booking and experiences will change over the coming decade, and predicts that in 2024 digital... Read more »

Google NightWalks

The most immersive use of Google Maps so far: NightWalks

Google has experimented quite a bit with different ways how to make the popular Maps feature more interactive and more immersive for consumers. Only recently we have reported about Maps Gallery. However, the latest attempt may have been the most successful so far: Google Night Walks. Night Walks is a Street View based feature that takes users on a loosely guided tour about street art in the French city of Marseille. The... Read more »

Storytelling in Airline Marketing

British Airways relies on the power of storytelling

In its latest campaigns, British Airways is consistently making use of storytelling elements. After releasing marketing campaigns earlier this year, which were targeted at Indian travellers, the latest effort is aimed at UK travellers to Australia. The campaign, which is entitled #VisitSoon, is run in conjunction with Tourism Australia. The campaign clip is centred around the real story about Esme Rowling, an eight year... Read more »


Search Engines in Europe

Search engines continue to be very popular within Europe. Consumers are using search engines as part of their every day lives with searches normally starting by using a search engine. However, with the introduction of social networks such as Facebook and Google+ there are changes happening, as search is now also becoming social. Read more »


Social Networking in Latin America

Social networking continues to grow worldwide as waves of new users subscribe to social networks and adopt the activity as a routine part of their online experience. In June 2011, 1.1 billion people visited a social networking site worldwide, a 22% increase from June of the previous year. Worldwide, 81.4% of all internet users visit social networking destinations, making social networking one of the top online activities... Read more »


Usage patterns in North America

Usage patterns in the region are continuing to change but can be seen as one of the most sophisticated regions. US and Canadian consumers are responding very positively towards digital technologies which is also reflected in the consumers’ general media consumption and the positive response to a range of media facilitating their daily lives. Read more »


Mobile and Smartphones in Middle East Region

Over the last 15 years the Middle East has witnessed key technology-led shifts that have transformed the way countries govern, shop, and do business. The region’s extremely young demographic (44% of the regional population are under 20 years old) is undoubtedly a key influence on increasing levels of digital engagement, with over 125 million people online and over 53 million actively using social media networks. Countries... Read more »

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Did your Facebook reach change?

Did your Facebook reach change?

April 15, 2014

In late January this year, Facebook implemented critical changes to its ;News Feed’ algorithm, thus the long and complicated bit of code that determines how many people see your updates. The changes have caused uproar especially among brands, marketers and bloggers,... Read more »