13% of global Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, this is a figure that seems fairly low; however, with regards to the growth predicted in the future, mobile is certainly a big traffic driver of the future (KPCB 2012). The communications sector continues to grow and so are expenditures in the sector for telecoms, TV, post and radio. Global advertising spend is also growing regarding Internet advertising with a total...

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In years to come Smart TVs, integrating television with Internet technologies and social media, will replace traditional TV. Consumers are still watching a lot of television programmes on a daily basis, but they watch it differently than before, using social media to comment TV programs and watching other contents on a second and even third screen with the emergence of mobiles and tablets. TV becomes social and... Read more »


Broadband Access

Affordable broadband connectivity has become an essential requirement for business activities in modern societies. Monitoring and understanding the state and development of broadband connectivity in individual markets is critical for tourism marketers. Broadband availability is one of the key determinants of digital growth, and therefore impacts substantially on the strategies that tourism organisations need to deploy, to... Read more »


E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is for many industries still a major part of marketing a certain product or service. Big databases often contain thousands of e-mail addresses of potential consumers that will receive newsletters, promotional emails or general news or notifications via email. Traditionally, these email campaigns are quite promotional in nature and focus on existing customers that might be interested in travelling and... Read more »

Google Desert View

Google Desert View Emphasises Growing Importance of Authenticity

People who are acquainted with the modern travel landscape are accustomed to businesses and destinations taking novel approaches to marketing and presentation. But one of the great innovators in the tech sphere has just produced a form of image capturing which is truly unique. Google’s ‘Desert View’ aims to pick up where their renowned Street View software left off, but with one difference. The Google Desert View... Read more »

International travel

United Nations Plots Travel Increase as Tourism Stays Ahead of the Curve

Despite the economic issues that the world has been facing in recent years, it seems that the tourism industry remains one of the growth sectors in the global economy. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has just authored a report which shows that world travel remained extremely healthy thus far in 2014. The UNWTO is the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and... Read more »

mobile app

Lessons to Learn for DMOs from New India and Thailand Mobile Apps

As travel marketers become more aware of the importance of mobile to their marketing strategies, DMOs are regularly releasing apps in an attempt to tap into this growing marketplace. Recently a couple of notable DMOs have released apps with the intention of attracting travellers to their nations. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has recently upgraded its digital tourism marketing strategy by releasing a new mobile... Read more »

Benchmark and industry trends

Digital Trends and Benchmarking

Recently the Think Tank published two critical reports: the 2014 Executive Destinations Benchmark provides an evaluation of the websites of 21 National Tourism Organisations (NTOs), while the Industry Trends Research report takes an in-depth look at the impact of digital technologies on all tourism-related businesses. The Think Tank applied a robust and rigorous methodology based on several key components of a website’s... Read more »


Country Overview

China is one of the country reports, most marketers will be most interested in and will give useful insights into the Chinese digital landscape and will look at key trends from consumer behaviour to e-commerce. Chinese consumers are much more advanced with regards to digital technologies, making it an interesting country report. Read more »

India Country report

Country Overview

This country report delves deeply into various aspects of Indian consumer behaviour, including sections focusing on search engines, email marketing, smart TV and more! The focus is to give marketers a good set of takeaways and recommendations that are useful to understand the Indian digital landscape better. Read more »

Brazil Country report

Country Overview

In 2014, all eyes are on Brazil and particular interest is being generated about the country's digital landscape and how this is different than in other BRIC markets. This country report delves into latest statistics and trends with regards to digital technologies and aims to show how marketers can be successful in the market. Read more »


Country Overview

The Russia country report looks in detail at the current state of digital as a trend and also the implications of digital technologies for Russian consumers. By comparing key digital trends in Russia with other countries, recommendations can be drawn for marketers with regards to how to succeed with digital in Russia. Read more »

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