13% of global Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, this is a figure that seems fairly low; however, with regards to the growth predicted in the future, mobile is certainly a big traffic driver of the future (KPCB 2012). The communications sector continues to grow and so are expenditures in the sector for telecoms, TV, post and radio. Global advertising spend is also growing regarding Internet advertising with a total...

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In years to come Smart TVs, integrating television with Internet technologies and social media, will replace traditional TV. Consumers are still watching a lot of television programmes on a daily basis, but they watch it differently than before, using social media to comment TV programs and watching other contents on a second and even third screen with the emergence of mobiles and tablets. TV becomes social and... Read more »


Broadband Access

Affordable broadband connectivity has become an essential requirement for business activities in modern societies. Monitoring and understanding the state and development of broadband connectivity in individual markets is critical for tourism marketers. Broadband availability is one of the key determinants of digital growth, and therefore impacts substantially on the strategies that tourism organisations need to deploy, to... Read more »


E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is for many industries still a major part of marketing a certain product or service. Big databases often contain thousands of e-mail addresses of potential consumers that will receive newsletters, promotional emails or general news or notifications via email. Traditionally, these email campaigns are quite promotional in nature and focus on existing customers that might be interested in travelling and... Read more »


London Public Transport Previews Contactless Payment Future

Over the last week, the credit card company MasterCard has been offering free contactless travel around London. Owners of the NFC-ready Mastercard have been able to take advantage of a variety of free journeys on transport routes for London bus and tube, London overground and Docklands Light Railway routes. This latest scheme is an attempt by the credit card company to induce travellers to participate in contactless payments,... Read more »

selfie swap

Canadian Tourist Board "Selfie Swap" Illustrates Key Marketing Themes

The Canadian Tourist Board has recently launched a marketing campaign which has created quite a buzz. The marketing initiative has been heavily promoted via Facebook, and it provides an interesting insight into how a captive public can be socially engaged to participate with a destination. Read more »


Microsoft Smartwatch Rumours Hint at Future for Wearables

Recent media reports have indicated that Microsoft might be planning a smartwatch in the near future. The highly credible source Forbes indicated that the software giant will release a new wearable device imminently, after a patent for such a consumer product was approved by the Federal Communications Commission in the United States. Read more »

hate thailand

Thailand Tourists Targeted with Bizarre Video Campaign

Tourism in Thailand has been on a downturn lately, and a recent YouTube video looked as if it was further undermining the industry within the East Asian nation. But the viral video turned out to be a novel approach by the Thailand Tourism Authority to change the perception of the country in the minds of travellers. Read more »


Country Overview

China is one of the country reports, most marketers will be most interested in and will give useful insights into the Chinese digital landscape and will look at key trends from consumer behaviour to e-commerce. Chinese consumers are much more advanced with regards to digital technologies, making it an interesting country report. Read more »

India Country report

Country Overview

This country report delves deeply into various aspects of Indian consumer behaviour, including sections focusing on search engines, email marketing, smart TV and more! The focus is to give marketers a good set of takeaways and recommendations that are useful to understand the Indian digital landscape better. Read more »

Brazil Country report

Country Overview

In 2014, all eyes are on Brazil and particular interest is being generated about the country's digital landscape and how this is different than in other BRIC markets. This country report delves into latest statistics and trends with regards to digital technologies and aims to show how marketers can be successful in the market. Read more »


Country Overview

The Russia country report looks in detail at the current state of digital as a trend and also the implications of digital technologies for Russian consumers. By comparing key digital trends in Russia with other countries, recommendations can be drawn for marketers with regards to how to succeed with digital in Russia. Read more »

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Uber Issues Illustrate Importance of Data Protection

December 17, 2014

Catching a taxi can be a key part of urban existence, and yet a somewhat inconvenient one. No-one relishes waiting in taxi queues, and most of us have been let down by a black cab driver at one point or another. Nonetheless, in our increasingly densely populated towns and... Read more »